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What’s Best To Fulfill Your Sensitive Skin Needs

A sensitive skin can be a little bit of a bother when you want to shave your face. You might get a nice smooth skin, but this wouldn’t be perfect if you end up having reddish pimples along with reddish skin, sometimes burning sensation and scratches. This is what irritation on sensitive skin is all about, sometimes could also be known as a burning razor.

We’re going to show you how to avoid skin trouble after shaving here.

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When you’re in a hurry, or this is your first-time shaving, it’s common to actually scratch or hurt yourself so you need not to worry. But when it appears often, this simply means you have sensitive skin and you might need to change your razor and change the way you shave.

During shaving, you might put a little bit of stress on your skin and it might give some health impact to your skin or might be called skin trauma, ranging from inflammation, burning and sting sensation, irritation, and bumps. During shaving, as there’s more stress put into your skin, over-exfoliation might happen. Exfoliation is the removal of old skin, which is actually normal but when it happens more than it’s supposed to be, over exfoliation might cause unwanted result.

Sensitive skin might also cause by skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema. Others with overly dry skin, acne skin, and scars might also be suffering for sensitive skins and sometimes would experience mild to burning pain during shaving.

Your skin might be smooth, but there are millions of dead skin and skin is often dry, even if you don’t have extreme dry skin condition. Unless if your skin is made of porcelain, it’s kind of impossible to shave smoothly and not getting irritated.

Avoiding sensitive skin or the results of sensitive skin is no-rocket-science, depending on how much time would you willing to spend to treat your skin. Yeah, you might need stop to laugh or complain to your lady partner as they treat their skin, because you’re going to undergo some skin treatment yourself. This treatment might include scavenging on lady skin treatment product aisle.

Yes, avoiding sensitive skin during shaving could easily be done by changing your shaver into a sensitive skin friendly product, for example, using foil shaver might give you the advantage rather than using rotating blade or clippers, as foil shaver is designed to minimize skin to blade contact, thus decreasing the impact to your skin.

But it might be useful to actually treat your skin as changing your best electric shaver might not be that useful. Foil shaver might avoid skin to blade contact, but it also resulted in less smooth shaving.

These are some ways to treat your sensitive skin and avoid razor burn:

  1. Always use wet shaving techniques. There are two kind kinds of shaving techniques, first dry shaving which doesn’t require shaving cream or wetting/cleaning your face before you shave. While wet technique requires shaving cream or other cream that might smoothen your skin before you shave.
  2. Choose a shaving cream that’s perfect for sensitive skin.The best product for sensitive skin is the one that doesn’t use any harsh chemical as chemical might cause skin burning and give you unbearable pain. Choose a cream that doesn’t use any scent or fragrance. Synthetic fragrance might be the cause of your skin problem. Contains shea butter or any other natural oil, this would lubricate your skin more and smoothen your shaving. And last, choose the one with aloe vera. Aloe vera is good to heal skin irritation and to cool down the burning sensation that you might feel after shaving. You might one to check product for your sensitive skin.
  3. Clean your skin before shaving. Use an extra-exfoliation soap product. This would clean your face from old skin that might cause your shaving gone wrong and avoid any dirt to get into and harm your skin.
  4. Regularly change your blade. It’s actually blunt razor blade not a sharp one that would do more damage to your skin. You might put more stress toward your skin when using blunt razor blade.
  5. Shave in the direction of hair grow. Ever wonder which direction you actually have to take when you shave? You might have heard that shaving against the hair grow direction give you a better and faster result. But unfortunately, this might actually harm your skin. It’s because when you shave against the direction of your hair grow then you might change their direction when you pull it, so no wonder if it hurts more.

If you’re doing all the treatments above, then you might need not worry about the shaver that you used.

But to be more careful, you might want to use special shaver to avoid skin irritation. As I have mentioned before, foil shaver might be a good choice since it’s designed to avoid too much skin to blade contact that might harm your skin. But the downside of this kind of blade is you won’t get the best result that you might hope as your blade won’t get to close to your skin.

You might find shaver with instant lubrication that would lubricate your skin to avoid too much friction. Shaver like Schick Hydro 5 Sensitive Skin Razor for Men for example, is a manual shaver that’s designed with a unique Hydrating Gel Reservoir. This reservoir allows your blade to keep hydrate and smoothen your skin each time you shave. This product can be purchased on

If you prefer an electric shaver over manual shaver, you might want to try Philips Norelco Shaver 7300 for Sensitive Skin. This product is designed with microbeads that avoids friction on your skin. Can be purchased on gazblogs.

your sensitive skin or any other skin conditions are not supposed to be the reasons for you to stop trimming yourself. With the right equipment and treatments, now you can shave without any worries that you might get skin irritation and that unwanted skin problems after you shaved.

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